Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee oversees the services of our lobbyist working in Jefferson City, establishes relationships with legislators and office holders, educates legislators regarding issues concerning individuals with disabilities in our community, and works on resolving legislative issues and concerns that impact citizens with disabilities in St. Charles County and the state of Missouri.

Training Committee

The training committee oversees the direct support professional conference committee, organizes an annual training on supervisory skills, and manages access to the College of Direct Support for our members.  The direct support professional conference committee plans an annual conference to train direct support staff about the current issues and trends so they can provide the highest quality service possible to our clientele with disabilities.

Program Committee

The program committee oversees two subcommittees, the wellness and direct support professional award committees, monitors the website, and plans the speakers for our monthly meetings.  The wellness committee provides the membership with health information designed to impact the overall wellness of agency staff and clientele.  The direct support professional award committee plans an annual award program for outstanding staff who work in the St. Charles area.