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The Coalition operates with four standing committees as outlined below. (Click on the committee name to learn more.)

Legislative Committee.
The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to oversee the services of the lobbyist, establish relationships with legislators and office holders to educate them regarding issues concerning individuals with disabilities in our community, and work on resolving legislative issues and concerns that impact citizens with disabilities in St. Charles County and the state of Missouri.
Direct Support Award Committee.
The purpose of the Direct Support Award Committee is to annually recognize the direct support professionals serving St. Charles County residents with developmental disabilities.
Program Committee.
The program committee is charged with ensuring a quality, topic-appropriate presentation at each regularly scheduled meeting of the Coalition, overseeing the activities of the wellness sub-committee, participates in planning and hosting the annual Direct Support Awards Ceremony, and maintains the Coalition website.
Executive Committee.
The purpose of the Executive Committee is to meet on an as-needed basis to provide recommendations for issues facing the Coalition and to address emergency issues.
Training Committee
This committee addresses the training needs of our members. This includes organizing an annual AAIM training on service provision and supervisory topics, coordinating membership in the College of Direct Support which is a web-based training program on serving people with developmental disabilities, and addressing other training needs that could be accomplished by pooling the resources of our network.

Ad hoc committees are created as the Board of Directors deem necessary to address a specific activity/issue. Such committees shall be limited in time to the completion of their specific outcomes and duties.

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